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Post  xTx INDY xTx on Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:07 pm

This question is mainly pointed towards Leo.

I think we need to go ahead and start this gamebattles thing. I think with you, me, Pablo, Manny, Jordan if he ever gets on xbox, and Joe if ever buys cod, we are ready to start doing some clan battles.

btw, I think someone already mentioned this, but it's a good idea:

When do team deathmatch in gb, the four people should have the following killstreaks:

1)UAV, Predator, Harrier
2)Predator, Harrier, Emergency Air Drop
3)UAV, Harrier, Pave Low
4) Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Nuke

With #1 and #3 having UAV on, we will have almost constant UAV, giving us an immeadiate advantage. #2 will have a good setup for getting the EDrop, which will give us a lot of air support, and #4 should play a little more conservatively to try to get the very helpful Chopper, and maybe a Nuke.

We will need a sniper, and I think Leo wants to take that postion. We should probably also have someone in a Cold Blooded class. As for the other two, they will probably go with an assualt rifle with stopping power and slight of hand on, and one of them could be in a marathon/lightweight class if we were playing Domination or Capture the Flag.

THESE ARE JUST SUGGESTIONS. I am fine with whatever yall want to do. -eric

xTx INDY xTx

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