Clan Background and Information

Team Tactics was created in 2007 as an XBox Live Halo 2 clan, but now encompasses the Halo and Call of Duty series. Team Tactics's roster has gone through recent changes, but the current members are:

xTx INDY xTx

This list may be incomplete or have exmembers on it, but I will try to get it up to date as soon as possible.
If you want to join the Team Tactics clan, contact xTx AKIRA xTx or xTx CAEDO xTx on XBox Live and talk to them. They will get to know you, and vice versa, and then test you to see if you meet Team Tactics standards.
Team Tactics hopes to expand it's game base and start competing in XBox 360 tournaments soon.

Website Information was created for the Team Tactics clan by me, eric, or xTx INDY xTx. I made it and continue to edit it through, a free forum making service. I'm new to making forums and working HTML, but hopefully this site is good enough to serve it's purpose: connect the clan further and promote the clan to outsiders.

Explanation of Website Features

  • Homepage
    On the Team Tactics Forums page, there are the following in descending order:
    • The Navigation Bar
      This is the first thing you see on the homepage. It is a bar containing 10 links; Forums, Portal, FAQ, Search, Member, Groups, Profile, PM, Logout, and Info. If you're not logged in, you will not see all of these. I will go over each of these links in detail later.
    • The Chatbox
      You can only see or use this if you're logged into an account. To use the chatbox, click the login button in the top right corner of the chatbox. (To the left of "Archive" and "Refresh".) Then type in the chat bar and click enter to send your messege.
    • The Forums
      A forum is basically a folder that holds different chat conversations. On the Team Tactics site, there are currently 4 forum categories and 11 actual forums. Each forum contains many conversations that have the same focus. For example, the "Halo" forum, under the "XBox Stuff" category will only contain conversations regarding Halo. When you click on a forum, it will bring up a page showing all the conversations, also known as "threads" or "topics", that are in the forum. When you click on one of the threads, it will open it up, and you can then read the original post that started the thread, read all the replies to the post, and reply to it yourself. If you want to start your own thread that people can reply to, go back to the specific forum's page and click "New Topic." This will bring you to a page in which you choose the subject of your topic, compose it, and publish it to the forum. There any member can read it and comment on it.
    • Who is online?
      This is the final thing on the clan's homepage. It is at the very bottom of the page, and will tell you how many people are currently viewing the site, if they are a registered or hidden member or a guest, and what their name is if they are a member. It also shows how many messeges have been posted, who the newest member is, and how many people are currently using the chatbox.
  • The Navigation Bar in Detail
    As I mentioned earlier, there are 9 parts to the Nav. Bar. Now I will go over each of them in some detail.
    • Forums
      The Forums button will take you to the homepage of the site, which was previously explained.
    • FAQ
      The FAQ button will bring you to Forumotion's list of frequently asked questions. These questions have nothing to do with the clan itself, but have to do with how to navigate and use the forums... sort of like this...
    • Portal
      The Portal button takes you to the first page you see when you enter the site. It contains a Navigation box, which will take you to all the parts of the site, a Latest Topics box which, as the name implies, lists the most recent topics posted, a Who Is Online? box similar to the one on the Forums page, a news section in the middle, which shows the most recent topics from the "Clan News" forum, a Statistics box, which shows how many users have registered with the site and how many topics have been posted, and finally a Top Posters box, showing the top posters, how many posts they have, and what percentage of all the forums' posts come from that user.
    • Search
      The Search button will bring you to a page which lets you do a search on any keyword for the whole site or just a certain part of it. If you want a quicker but more simple search option, look to the right of the homepage, directly under the navigation bar, and you will find a serach bar.
    • Member
      The Member button will bring you to the site's memberlist, a compiled database (my wording makes it sound more complicated than it is) of all the members registered to the site.
    • Groups
      The Groups button will bring you to a page which has information on all of the site's groups, like the Moderator group. You can apply to some groups, while others you have to be promoted to. I will talk about being promoted in more detail later.
    • Profile
      The Profile button brings you to a page in which you can fill out different fields like gender, age, and location. Here you can also change your password and name. This is all optional, but will help other members know more about you. Keep in mind that any member can see everything in your profile (except you password, of course.)
    • PM
      PM stands for "private messege". In the PM section, you can check your inbox and send messeges to other members.
    • Log Out
      Obviously, the Log Out button will sign your profile out. You want to do this every time you get off the computer if you use a public computer or your computer is shared with more than one person.
    • Info
      The crudely-made button at the end of the Nav. Bar is the Info button. This button was not built in with the site, so I had to make it myself. I tried to make it match all the others, but there are some obvious flaws. Anyway, clicking on it will bring you here, which you probably have already found out.
  • The Points System
    Every time you add a friend on the site, post a new topic, or reply to an existing topic, you gain what are called "Points". As you gain points, you can achieve new statuses on the site. Your profile starts out with 0 posts, 0 friends, and 0 points. Having 0 points earns you the rank of n00b. But as you get more points, you can rank up, eventually to the status of Contributor. This currently only takes 200 posts, so I may increase that or add more ranks. Even after you achieve the highest rank, more points can still be valuable. I foresee many users achieving 200 posts, so having 300 or 400+ points on the forum will earn you major respect among the other users. Any member of the site can look at your profile and see how many posts and points you have earned.
    As you earn more points, you can purchase rewards with them out of the Points Shop. To see what the rewards are, how much they cost, and how to get them, go to the Points Shop Information forum.

    I think that's all that's needed for now, but check this page regularly because I will continue to add information here as I add features to the site. -eric